Speedtrees import problem

Hello I am trying to make a few trees, plants and foliage for my commercial project which I want to put up on the marketplace.
Firstly the trees look quite good in the speedtree modeler but when I import them, the camera facing leaves are rotated about the z axis which makes them look bad.I don’t know whats wrong. The camera facing leaves should always be normal to the branches right? But they aren’t when I import them. However two of my trees imported correctly.
Screenshots are given below.

Secondly I don’t know what is the standard quality for trees in the ue4 marketplace. My trees are mostly 8k with lods and and I have perfected them to look good from every angle. Can anyone review the trees and tell me whether they have enough quality for the marketplace for 10$.

Pictures here:!AlrmnHuPUGlNhV968-ciCXGMT9Kw