speedtree problems

hey guys i recently started getting into speedtree, and i have run into two small problems.
Firstly, once my tree is in-game it looks really low res in the editor and when playing in new window. I have play in new window set to 1080p and all settings set to epic so i’m not sure whats going on here.
Second when i zoom a small distance from my tree it looses most of its color until lod3 billboard pops up and i get full color on it. i’m not sure its anything to do with the lod, as it starts to grey out before lod1.
it happens in both the viewport and in the model editor ( when you double click a static mash)
i changed the materials to two sided foliage mode and connected the main pin of the texture to the subsurface color pin.
i left everything else setup default (speedtree stuff)

any help would be awesome :slight_smile: thanks in advance.

here are some screenshots i took

in the model edit screen Sign in - Google Accounts (looks real nice)
in the viewport Sign in - Google Accounts (low detail)
texture size for the leaves is 4096x4096

and here are screenshots of my problem with color fading
lod0 Sign in - Google Accounts
lod0 zoomed out to max before lod 1 Sign in - Google Accounts
lod1 Sign in - Google Accounts
lod2 Sign in - Google Accounts
lod3 billboard has color again Sign in - Google Accounts

The first problem is caused by the mip maps -> Poor SpeedTree texture streaming - Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/25898/how-to-disable-texture-blurring-based-on-a-camera.html :slight_smile:

The only thing I can think of that might be causing them to loose color, is that your materials maybe aren’t set up the same way for those lods? I don’t think anything else would cause them to get desaturated like that.

thanks fighter that’s gone a long way to solving my problem. i remember when when i imported the trees it said something about no mipmaps, and that texture streaming would be disabled.
guess its just one of those things i need to learn :slight_smile:
my second problem has also being solved when i played around with the mipmap settings, they keep the same colors now.