SpeedTree: How To Create Grass


Few Days ago we pick a month of subscription of Speedtree for UE4, we dont have problems creating Tree, we understood the basics of the tool, and we are very happy to know it, but there is something that are delaying us a lot, how to create grass, there is not a lot of tutorial about this there, is a few videos but no one give a well suited way for create grass using Speedtree. Can some one of you, that have experience using Speedtree, give us some shot where to start for make grass?


Whitman And Olbert.

Speedtree isn’t really necessary to create grass, you can do a basic grass mesh very easily in any 3D application, the main thing there is good textures and materials.


But how can i make it wind responsive?

short gras or lawn in a garden usually does not move, its one of the biggest mistakes I see all over that gras wobbles round like in a moving liquid/sea completely unrealistic.
if you have longer grases, then you can animate the material, its much cheaper than the geometry. But use different versions with different values e.g. speed or strenght of movement, as it look unnatural if the gras on a larger area moves all the same in synch.

for grass examples made with speedtree, look here in my video:
Videos of my self-made “speedtree-nursery”:

  1. asset overview, natural plants:
    0.00 - 1.20 trees with needles, conifers
    1.20 - 1.44 marine plants for near, on and under the water
    1.44 - 2.50 desert plants, cactus and palm family
    2.50 - 3.41 grasses, ferns, herbs
    3.41 - 4.26 flowers, vegetables
    4.26 - 5.49 bushes, VFX falling leaves, trimmed hedges
    5.49 - broadleaf trees, variations on leaf-materials

I think there’s also a grass tutorial here on the forum somewhere that had wind, was from like 2014 or something like that.

Udemy has a course for SpeedTree available at a discount, for a limited time:

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