Speed up Material Update?

Hi, everyone!
I’m sure I am not first one, who noticed that, but after updating to version 4.17-4.18 materials compile are greatly slowed down. I’m not talking about compiling shaders, but about updating material preview in content editor.

While my specs: DualCore Intel Core i3-6100, 3700 MHz, Kingston HyperX DDR4-2133 16GB RAM, MSI GTX 1050 Ti, 4GB (GDDR5), and I know it’s not really powerful, but I didn’t have to wait 1-2 minutes after each change of simple material (one texture or even flat color), when I used UE 4.10-4.16.

So my question is: Can I somehow adjust the material editor settings, so material update don’t take so long?

First: open new empty project and try to change one material and see if everything is smooth just to make sure its not your project configuration is the reason.

If it smooth, u should check ur project configuration or at least reset it and check once again in ur main project, or maybe in some senario, it has to recompile the shaders once again when u change the material. “this happened when u change the target platform then trying to re-edit some materials”

If not not smooth, it could be a hardware limitation “while I dont think so cuz I worked with core2Due before and it was acceptable except for building up the project” or u can wait until an official reply from one of the staff

Thank you for answer.
But I already did all this several times, with no luck.
I still think the problem in some default settings of new UE versions.

try to check at the forum and see if anyone has the same issue .