Specular Noise UE4 how to get rid of it?


Is it possible to get rid of all specular noise? reference Picture attached.

That should usually be filtered out by Temporal Anti Aliasing. Do you have it switched on? If not, you’ll often see noise like this.

Also, trying increasing the quality of Screen-Space Reflections. You can do this with a Post Process volume and checking the ‘Unbound’ checkbox, then bumping the SSR Quality to 100

Using composite texture feature also greatly help with specular aliasing.

That’s good to know. Thanks for sharing!

Don’t forget you can crank up the SSR quality and/or get the “right” SSR look you want: 3D Modeling & Texturing: [Unreal Engine 4] Improving Screen Space Reflections

Also check your post process settings and tune film noise/grain down.

r.ssrquality = 4, is it the best we can get without modding the shader?

I believe so:

#if SSR_QUALITY == 1
const int NumSteps = 8;
const int NumRays = 1;
#elif SSR_QUALITY == 2
const int NumSteps = 16;
const int NumRays = 1;
#elif SSR_QUALITY == 3
const int NumSteps = 8;
const int NumRays = 4;
#else // SSR_QUALITY == 4
const int NumSteps = 12;
const int NumRays = 12;

Great thank you!, we managed to fix it by tweaking Screen-Space Reflections settings quality. setting it way to high introduces noise we had to find a balance between quality, intensity and roughness. Thank you once again guys!

Cheers, with the power of the latest GPUs, you can really tweak and crank up the UE4 settings. The stuff in the ArchiViz thread just blows me away. Those guys (eg. @heartlessphil) really know the best settings and techniques.

With an Nvidia 980-class GPU you can also go full multibounce VXGI realtime GI etc. and forget about baking lightmaps… forever :slight_smile:

I tried vxgi, even since multibounces, and on my gtx 980…But I’m not getting good results and it’s limiting. Forget VR, movies are tough to make because of artifacts, popping shadows, flickers. Add some moving vegetation and a bit of vertex painting and your card explode! Also, if your client doesn’t have the hardware for VXGI you are screwed :-S

One day I hope it’s more usable tho, the workflow is so nice :slight_smile:

Yeah I foresee big things for VXGI the next five years, unless something else usurps it.