Specular "glint" or "starburst bloom"

I’m wondering if it’s possible to achieve an effect like this bloom, but in UE4: brigade3 on Vimeo

If you look at the specular highlights, they bloom out into a starburst effect instead of a soft bloom like UE4 does by default. Sprites wouldn’t solve this because they can only be placed at emissive light sources like car headlights, and I think you’d need to do some pretty crazy math if you wanted them to appear on specular reflections.

I noticed in the documentation on subsurface profile shading that a similar effect is achieved unintentionally:

I assume this “bloom” wouldn’t extend off the object in this case, so it would be fairly useless, but maybe it will give someone an idea.

That would be under the Lens Flare effect and you don’t have the option to change that, could certainly do it modifying the code but it’s not simple.