Spectator Screen is larger than the resolution of my monitor

Currently creating a program with unreal 4 for the Vive, one of the features of the program is that the spectator screen displays the same view as the player. While I am using the default settings (single eye to fill), no matter what I do, the spectator screen is the resolution of VR component. Is there any way to set the resolution of the spectator screen manually, or should I add another camera to the actor to serve as the spectator camera?

Which UE version are you using? Because on 4.23 the spectator window is broken.

I’m currently using version 4.23

Update:The resolution bug was fixed when I upgraded to version 4.24, but my controllers disappeared when I upgraded to version 4.24.

Hi, do you have any more info on this? I’m having the same issue on 4.23, but cannot swap to 4.24 easily.