Spectator screen and UMG (again)

Hi all,

I am trying to get a settings display into the spectator screen in 4.17

So far I have a widget which I attach to an actor in the scene.

In the actor I control display of the widget with the usual SetSpectatorScreen methods.

All good.

I have an UImage which I position based on the mouse coordinates, works fine.

I just cannot get the mouse to interact with the widget.

I have tried using a WidgetInteractionComponent attached as a child of the widget in the actor. No good.

So I tried setting the relative transform of the interaction component to match the images location, I have tried with every coordinate system I can think of, no good.

I have tried doing a line trace with various coordinate systems, no good.

I am running out of ideas.

Never have I had so many problems just getting a few buttons to work.

Has anyone got any ideas I can try? Any insight on what stupid thing I may be doing?

Running out of time to get this to GDC …

Cheers Guys

Well guys seems nothing could be done, looks like the widgetinteractioncomponent cannot take a parent and therefore the raycast starts at the wrong position and hence nothing works.

I have done a work around where I record the positions of all the buttons and do my own click check in the blueprint.

It’s horrible, you don’t get animation on the buttons, but you can click on the buttons and get an event.