Spectator cam problem with higher res HMD

The spectator cam view is rendering incorrectly when using an HMD with a display resolution higher than my monitors.

I’ve set up the render target with the resolution of my desktop monitor, 1920x1080, and directed the scene capture camera to it. In the texture preview on the details panel, the texture looks fine. It also looks fine if I apply it to a surface. It stretches to fill the entire surface of a plane, everything I would expect. But when I press Play and the spectator cam comes up, the texture is larger than my monitor’s resolution. It renders at whatever resolution I enter into the render target, but then is scaled up to the resolution of my HMD and displays as much as it can of the top left corner.

HMD is a Pimax, set to 5120x1440 (both eyes).

Imagine a picture rendered at 1920x1280, stretched to a resolution of 5120x1440. And then crop that picture from the top left corner, 1920x1280. That’s what’s actually displayed to me in the spectator cam.

If I reduced the resolution the HMD down to 1920 pixels wide or lower, the texture fits my monitor fine. But that’s not the solution, as it’s so bad it’s eye watering in the HMD.

So is there a way to NOT have this texture scaled up to the rez of my HMD? This camera is rendering a totally independent view for the purpose of displaying on desktop, and configured to display at 1920x1080. The resolution of the HMD shouldn’t have anything to do with this scene capture camera.

The plane in the foreground has the render texture applied. It displays the full view which the camera sees.

This image fills the entirety of the scene camera at run time.

Have you solved this problem? I have the same problem.