Specific Character view and movement (FPS on Gyropod-like)

Hi !

I’m working on an oculus project and I wonder how to achieve a specific movement for the player…

Here is the setup :
The user wear a oculus and control his movement with a joystick.
Pushing the shaft forward/backward make the player moving forward/backward. Pushing the stick left/right make the player rotating on Z.
The joystick only controls the movement and direction on the XY plane.
The user can control his view and only his view with the oculus orientation…

My problem that I want to dissociate the “body”(Gyropod) orientation and the “head” (Oculus)
The “body” get the position and rotation from the joystick and the “head” orientation from the oculus.

I’ve made a character blueprint with a virtual gyropod but I don’t know how to setup the hierarchy in order that the gyropod doesn’t follow the head Z rotation…

Could someone help me to setup on simple blueprint?

I will come back tomorow with some screenshots to illustrate my case and show you my actual blueprint…

Many thanks!


I don’t know if I have to configure a vehicule blueprint or character blueprint