Spawning Static Mesh from Blutiltiy and "Set Mesh"

I’ve created a function that I’m calling through a custom event that I trigger through the Blutilities drop down list and “Run” button.
I simply want the blutipility to spawn a static mesh actor and set a specific mesh.

Here is how that looks:

This does seem to work, partially. The static mesh actor is spawned but the static mesh does not seem to be set at all.
It’s empty. The return value is “false”. I can then manually select the staticmesh actor and set a mesh manually, so there is nothing wrong with it. It just seems like the “Set Static Mesh” is failing and I don’t know what I’m missing.


Hey Norman,

most likely the problem here is that you are trying to set mesh on a Static mobility static mesh. Currently they must be movable for this to work. I have complained about that to various people but turns out that is a whole can of worms to allow modifying the mesh of non movable items during construction.

I worked around this in my case by setting my container BP to movable before running all my scripts and then remembering to set it back to static. That should work fine, other than being tedious and the chance of forgetting to set them to static afterwards. I may have done that once or twice and then got the weekend emails of “why does the map say lighting needs to be rebuilt?”