Spawning/Placing a map in AR...?

I’m trying to place a level, rather than a blueprint in my AR scene. My issue is that it always places the map at the origin, not at the target point. I’m trying to avoid using a blueprint to place, because I’m having issues getting my animated paths to work in a blueprint, so I’m trying to place another map instead. Here is an image of what I’ve tried.

I am having the same trouble with a blueprint class. It also spawns at the origin instead of the target image.

I’ve attached an image of how I got a blueprint class to spawn/be placed alongside the picture frame example in Google’s SDK example “AugmentedImages”.

I added numbers to show the order to do it in. I basically created a new blueprint class called “mountian_bp” and added my new object to it, then modified the “PictureFrame” blueprint to place my mountain_bp blueprint. Hope this helps! I’m still hunting down a way to spawn/place a map :frowning:

I’ve always wondered what that set extent thing did exactly (or at least did well). Seemed to work for simple meshes, but more complex ones, it kinda just gave up on me and acted wonky. Instead, I used a simple setworldtransform via a blueprint to blueprint function call. First, this one in the main blueprint. Got rid of the set extent and called a function from this main level blueprint to one in the picture frame. See the highlighted in orange below that was my replacement:

Then in the picture frame blueprint I added this function that the function from the main blueprint calls:

Note you could do this with only the function I created, “set transform” (I know this is a horrible name and can be mistaken for a core function) and the built in “setworldtransform,” but I needed to change some rotation things. Of course you could change the location, etc too - but this’ll put your object (in my case, FemaleHead4 in the center just above the image.

I can write that this seems to be MUCH more responsive, where if I rotated the or moved this image at all it immediately moved the mesh - as long as it was tracking okay. I am not sure if it is because of this change or because of my change from 4.22.3 to 4.23.0 which I had just made. Note though that when I looked at the Visual C++ source code for 4.22.3, the ARCore plugin imported version 1.6 of ARCore (though the docs say otherwise, 1.7, which could also be why face tracking never worked for me…) but 4.23 imports 1.9 which maybe coincidentally, maybe not, supports live image tracking (you can move the image around and so will your mesh - just like mine currently does). So anyway - maybe it is worth a try for you since it only takes a couple of minutes to set up.


If any of this is set to static, does it still move to the new location?

Hi, Is possible have a view of all the blueprints? Because i tried to follow your steps but i’m confused about the frame, i replaced with another actor so how i can use the same reference of the frame to spawn my actor in the right spot, sorry for the potato english