Spawning particles at list of coordinates

I have a list of coordinates in a file, and I’d like to spawn a gpu particle at each one. I’m just wondering what the best way of doing this might be? I’m assuming creating a module within Niagra would be the best way to do this, but I’m open to suggestions. I’ve done this previosuly using C++ and programatically spawning instanced static meshes, but I need the versatility of a particle system now.

Many thanks.

I guess Niagara should do. Add “Sphere Location” to Particle Spawn section, make it Read from new User parameter, and you’ll get the User.Sphere Origin parameter spawned. It uses World coordinates, so you can just feed the array of coordinates to it via Set Niagara Variable (Vector 3) (it’s in blueprints, in C++ it may be called differently).

Thanks, will give this a go.