Spawning Niagara systems on spawned skeletal meshes in sequencer

Hello Unreal peeps

I’m trying to spawn and activate a Niagara particle system on a spawned skeletal mesh.

The level is sequence driven. There is a master sequence for the camera and 3 sub level sequences for audio, animation and vfx.

The skeletal mesh I want to connect to is spawned and attached to a npc skeletal mesh through the animation sub sequence.

I usually spawn my effects in the vfx sequence . If i want to make this effect spawn able then attach, the Niagara component is greyed out and i can get a lifetime tract, but no lifetime

If I leave in the scene and then try to attach to the mesh, the particle systems dont translate from there position and dont attach. Also I can not activate them.

I have spawned and controlled particles in scene/level on actors that are already in the level and were not spawned

Any pointers