Spawning Niagara particles evenly across mesh surface

I have written a niagara script that gets random tri coord and spawns particles, etc. But it spawns evenly across all triangles, ignoring triangle scale. Is there a method that spawns considering the entire mesh surface, so that the particle placement is more evenly spaced?
Essentially, the denser triangle sections of the mesh are extremely dense with particles, and the less dense areas feel empty. Is there a method to randomly distribute across the entire surface?

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thereā€™s a setting in the static mesh for this ā€œsupport uniform distributed samplingā€


holy good god THANK YOU! this did it!!
FYI theres a ā€œSupport GPU uniform samplingā€ as well, for gpu samples. I had no clue!

Can we blend this with the vertex color in order to mask out the particles position ?

This answer is fantasticļ¼