Spawning in air no controls

I have a very strange bug. At times when I join a server you spawn at 0,0,0 without a player controller or character. This happens randomly and I can’t wrap my head around why that is… It mostly happens when a second clientjoins the server. This is never an issue when playing multiple clients in the editor, only with a standalone game.


This can have several causes. I would guess encroaching is the problem.

Make sure to move the first player away from the spawn point before trying to connect with the second one. Or just have several spawn points and make sure your GameMode spawns the players on a legit SpawnPoint with enough room to actually spawn the character.

I have many spawn points, none are colliding with anything. I do always move the first player out of the way as well… It’s very strange…
The host spawns just fine. So does the 1 client. Client number 2 ist always broken somehow.