Spawning Everything (including projectiles) in GameMode

ima a new at the unreal engine so bare with me.

im making a multiplayer spellcasting pvp game where you fire different kinds of projectiles.
so im just designing the code before I implement it.

I’m aware that the server needs to spawn the projectiles so that everyone can see them.
My question is… since the GameMode is on the server, cant I just have the GameMode spawn the projectiles?

Lets say I cast a fireball:

  1. get PlayerController to tell Character to perform fireball animation and play sound effect
  2. I send an RPC to GameMode to Cast the fireball from my PlayerController
  3. GameMode Spawns fireball
  4. Fireball actor is spawned and traverses the map until it burns out or hits someone, in which case it tells GameMode to destroy it and apply damage and a fireball splash efffect at the target.
    If the GameMode spawns the fireball, is the fireball also on the server? so i guess I wouldnt have to send a message from fireball to GameMode to perform the splash effect and apply damage to someone playerstate?

any help would be appreciated.
My main question is if its wrong in anyway to have my GameMode spawn the projectiles.