Spawning decals at construction script


We have a blueprint that spawns decals using the ‘Spawn decals at location’ node. The node is called from BeginEvent.

However, we wish to move the spawning to the construction script, so that the decals will be visible during editing.

To my surprise, the ‘Spawn decals at location’ node does not exist at the construction script.

Am I missing something? Does anybody know of a way to spawn decals ( And set their size ) during construction?

BTW the purpose of this is to draw a path on the ground using a spline component.

Thank you

I’ve managed to spawn decals in the construction script by spawning decal components

I’d guess “spawn decals at location” is handled by a gameplay decal manager which isn’t available at edit time, but that’s just a rough guess

Thank you for your reply.

I saw the spawn decal component. The problem is that this spawn node accepts hard coded values (decal size, location, orientation).

I need to set these values according to dynamic conditions. If someone stretches the spline - I want the decals also stretched (that’s why I need it in the construction script).