Spawning Actor from Blueprint

I am trying to setup up a blueprint that checks to see if certain items are in a structures inventory and if so spawn an actor into the world. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks.

basics are here if its any help :slight_smile:

Thanks gankey. Yeah I’ve looked at that post and its got me started I’m just stuck on checking the inventory part (if its possible).

check this

In the Spawn Dino function what is the world component looking for?

for spawning them normally with the spawnzone or spawning them when an obj hits?

Okay makes sense. Thanks.

Is there a way for a dino to spawn already tamed? Been searching this for awhile and can’t figure it out.

already asked on when we get a reply it will be posted as far as i am aware it has something to do with the player team and tribe value but cant figure out how to hook it up properly

Yeah I was playing with that and it didn’t seem to do anything. I’ll look more into it until Wildcard says something.

Edit: Okay so I played with the team and now they don’t target me or other animals but I still have to tame him.

yeah that is one problem im having the other is that sometimes it will randomly not be urs but the other teams lol