Spawning a volume with a sphere brush?

I’ve been trying to get a basic AoE ability working in my game and I’ve got as far as spawning a volume in the world.

My current issue is, it doesn’t appear to have any size or shape.

I’m doing this to create it:

AAOEVolume* AAOEVolume::CreateAAOEVolume(FAOESettings settings) {
	AAOEVolume* tempAOE =>SpawnActor<AAOEVolume>(settings.Location, settings.Location.Rotation());
	tempAOE->healthChange = settings.inHealthChange;
	tempAOE->affectedTeam = settings.inAffectedTeam;
	tempAOE->maxDuration = settings.duration;
	tempAOE->owner = settings.owner;
	return tempAOE;

I would like to be able to spawn it at a location and set to be a sphere with a set radius.

How would I go about this?