Spawning a thing(Static Mesh) with Blueprint

Sorry, guys, but i’m a really newbie with Unreal Engine. I’m doing a little game (school’s work) and i want to spawn a box, dog, car or anything else in a specific time (it doesn’t mean that i want spawn random stuff, just one thing actually). Aaaand… that’s the problem: I don’t know how. I’ve tried some tutorials on internet, but nothing helped me. (i’m really dense sometimes) If possible, could you teach me how to spawn an object without pressing anything and in a specific time, please? Spawn repeatedly, of course.

You can use Add Static Mesh Component node. I dont understand how exactly you want to spawn it but Timers or Get Game Time in Seconds node should help i suppose.

That’s what i did. And worked.
I couldn’t express myself well, but this is what i wanted: an event to play/start the spawn and another to keep on it.

btw Thanks :smiley: