Spawning a navmesh on runtime

I am working on an infinite runner game , i want my enemy AI to spawn with a navmeshboundsvolume . . but so far i have failed as there is no way to add a navmeshboundsvolume to a blueprint actor. . i have this enemy AI blueprint with spawn sensing and all my logic related to AI but i cannot find a solution . . i did find a workaround that was the RebuildNavigation command which i used in my level blueprint for my running character, it works as intended like it is dynamically moving the navmeshbioundsvolume with my character but when i reach the AI enemy character this navmesh doesn’t trigger him to do his logic . . i really need help on this . . any help would be greatly appreciated

You have prob checked this but is the Can Affect Navigation Generation check box in your Ai blueprints set to false?

yes it is set to false . how does it effect it i haven’t used it before but i tried playing with it didn’t work . . Thank you for replying