Spawning 2 bots at the same location

Hi all!

I’m facing a strange problem right now :
At BeginPlay, i spawn bots in the level blueprint, that are being moved by AI, and then assign the goal for them (via “set focus actor”).
But when i spawn 2 bots at the same location (let’s say (1,1,1)), both bots don’t move at all, and start to move only if i come really close to them.

Some details :

1.If bots are spawned in different positions, they start to move (that’s what i expect them to do).

2.Bots are spawned with “always spawn, ignore collision” option.

3.All actors (bots and player) are moving in the NavMesh only.

4.“Set focus actor” is executed in this faulty case too.

Could you please explain, why don’t they move at all?
It would be also very helpful, if you could give some hints about fixing this “strange spawn” (unfortunately, i can’t create additional spawn site).

Thank you!

if possible to delay spawn between each spawn if spawning at same location?(give them a chance to move out the way) or spawn to the side of the other? there’s a tab that says… default / always spawn ignore collision / try to to adjust location but always spawn / try to adjust location don’t spawn if still colliding / do not spawn… under player> details> Actor… maybe try changing this it sound like there locking each other up with overlapping

yeah, it’s possible, but i don’t really want to do it :frowning:
Thanks for the hint with this tab, will check it out ASAP.