Spawned particles do not bounce

Hello! I am using UE 4.17.2. I have created a weapon shell particle emmiter, and set it to bounce by damping settings in the Collision section.

The particles behave 100% fine if the particle emmiter is simply put in the scene. They bounce 2-3 times as set up, and dissapear. Unfortunatelly when I spawn the emiter using Spawn Emmiter at location (blueprints) while firing the gun, the particles fly like expected, all velocity/drag/acceleration work, but do not bounce of anything. They just fly through things and dissapear.

I’m a bit confused and cant figure it out why. Could this be a bug?
I’ve tested it out both with particle burst and Rate spawn. Always the same.

4 years too late, but I had this same issue and figured it out, just writing for anyone who finds this. You have to put your Max Collision Distance up higher in the Collision node on the particle.