Spawned object from Image Detection keeps floating when I move towards it UE 4.20 & ARKit

Hello, I have spawned an object after detecting an image. However when I move towards the object, the object wants to keep moving with me and not stay anchored. Picture is the blueprint and is from this article ARKit 1.5 Image Detection in UE4 4.20 | by Joe Graf | Medium

Create a player pawn, set to default in gamemode.
If you don’t have player pawn, the world origin always will be the actual phone location as i see.

Thanks I’ll give it a shot

Hi, were you able to find the class “Spawned Image Locator” as described in this BP?

I was not able to find the Spawned Image Locator. Do you have any idea how to get this class to show up?

I was not able to find the “Spawned Image Locator” class. Would you have any insight now to find this?