SpawnAI from Class doesn't recognize Navmesh

There seems to be a problem with SpawnAI from Class BP node when using the option “dedicated server” for testing a clients view.
When the enemy gets spawned, it does not react to the Navmesh. It stands still and does not move. It still reacts to services and does tasks, but Navmesh is not registered.
AI that already exists in the level does not have this issue.
When spawning server and client both as players, AI moves normally.

Hi Blue669,

Thanks for your report. There is a known issue with “SimpleMoveTo” functions and replication that the AI team is aware of and working on. At this time you may have to use the spawning method you have come up with as a work-around until that can be fixed. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist in the meantime.