Spawn Static Mesh without Blueprint Class

Hi, i want to spawn static mesh actor without Blueprint Class. But i can find only function spawn actor from blueprint class. So we can only spawn actors from BP classes. Why i can’t just spawn basic assets, such as static meshes without creating a BP class for this purpose?

I think you can use the level blueprint for this, or C++ code.

There is a function called add static mesh. I’ve built a blueprint that creates a lit ceiling with adjustable size using this method.

here is a solution for c++

Maybe you can just create a MeshComponent and then spawn it to the world. But it’s not really a bad thing to have a class for this.

I could depend on whether you want to be able to blow up this static mesh or if it will just be a prop that sits in the world and is never destroyed or otherwise interacted with.

If you just want a prop, try using InstancedStaticMeshes.

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