Spawn sound at location frezze Network!

Please tell my please why BP Node “Spawn sound at location” freeze network.
Here logic:

  • IF SERVER - “CLIENT FIRE EVENT” ( Multicast)
  • IF CLIENT - “SERVER FIRE EVENT”(Run on server) call "“CLIENT FIRE EVENT” ( Multicast)

Then if sound play we have freeze 2-3 sec… on all clients

Also i try to attach sound on gun aninmation without RPC but if is play freeze to :frowning:

You are looping the event calls infinitely:

  1. Call Server event

  2. Server event calls Multicast event

  3. Multicast event calls Server event (goes back to #1)

Here’s how you replicate sound to all clients properly:

Below is the event flow:

  1. Call PlayCollapse01Sound event

  2. PlayCollapse01Sound event calls Server event ServerPlayCollapse01Sound

  3. Server event ServerPlayCollapse01Sound calls Multicast event MulticastPlayCollapse01Sound

  4. During Multicast event MulticastPlayCollapse01Sound, play sound for each player and stops right there

CAUTION: Default UE4 audio settings will give you false impression of sound to each client. You have to check the following audio setting to hear sounds correct way on all Clients including ListenServer:

  1. On Play Mode Settings, click Advanced Settings…

  1. On Level Editor - Play settings, check Create Audio Device for Every Player:

Thanks a lot:)

Create Audio for each player fix the freeze.