Spawn Particles on both right and left hands

Super basic VR question. I’ve added a particle component to BP_MotionController but it’s currently viewed only on the right hand. My question is how can I add that particle to the left hand as well?

Thank you very much!

Hi jansenl,

When you say the BP_MotionController I assume you are using the VR template. If you added a particle component to te BP_MotionController blueprint then both hands will already have the particle component available. If you are not seeing it on both hands there must be something else going wrong.

How is the particle component activated?
Is it set to auto-activate?
Where is it in the components hierarchy? Is it parented to the hand mesh?

Hi DownToCode,

Thanks for your message. Yes, I’m using the VR template.

  • This is how I activate it: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  • It’s not set to auto-activate but when I do set to auto, the particle is visible on one hand only.
  • It’s under the handmesh component

ps: I’ve just realized who you are after checking your website. Your tuts are the best!! Thank you!!!

Ok, so the particle effect had to be outside the hand mesh and under the motioncontroller. Anyways, its fixed!

Hey glad you solved it and happy to hear the tuts are of use to people :smiley:

I was just watching ‘pick up objects from distance’ in an attempt to create something like this
Thank you!