Spawn many particles

Hello everyone,

I have a blueprint that contains a particle with 3 materials and a ProjectileMovement component.
If I now spawn 100 pieces, for example, that would have to be 300 drawcalls.
That destroys the performance. Can I spawn a blueprint that is duplicated?
I am sure the particle materials cause the problem because if I hide it or make spawnrate very low i have no change in performance.

That wont be 300 draw calls since particles are instanced. Each particle emitter counts as one draw call inside the particle + the projectile as another draw call. so all in all you have 4 draw calls shooting out.

The performance loss may be coming from somewhere else, either the complexity of the particle shader or perhaps your machine is not storng enough to handle it. 300 particles is nothing for performance really.

Yes it was and it is still the material
thank you