spawn in at 0,0,0 when i should be 6',0,0 play area help

every time i hit vr preview im way off in location and orientation in respect to a platform i want players to spawn in at.

i want this interactive platform around the player if they are at the center of the play area.

so i build a platform with its center at 0,0,0, i put a player start at 0,0,0, when i click play im at 0,0,0 … but for me to press play i have to be at my computer, which is probably 6 feet away from the center of my play area, shouldnt i spawn in 6’ away from center, not at 0,0,0?

how do u define or detect center of play area? or atleast how do i correctly offset the starting point based on starting postion offset? is this a common issue? im i just stupid?

So turns out I AM STUPID, I for some dumb reason set the tracking origin to eye level which messed it all up. Make sure it’s floor level.

…Your welcome past self.