Spawn gun in VR hand upon keypress?

When I keypress to spawn the gun, it spawns and just falls on the ground beneath my right hand. Have tried many different variations. I tried to connect it to different Hand mesh sockets (eg hand_r) with no luck.
I am using a Player Character class Pawn.
I am brand new to UE4, and any advice would be greatly welcomed…
BP I am using for this I did not add anything to the ‘Motion Controller’ BP Event graph. In the ‘Details/Gun/Actor’ ‘Pivot offset’ and XYZ in the Motion Controller viewport are all 0.0.

Sounds like your Gun is simulating physics. In your “BP Gun Test” Blueprint, select the mesh component, and in the “Details” panel, set “Physics”>“Simulate Physics” to False.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, but no luck when turning off physics - the gun failed to spawn when I did that. I had a play with the collisions with no luck. At the moment the gun spawns on keypress and falls onto the floor and bullets can be fired. See screen shot of BP’s if that’s any help? BluePrint’s

Sorry I couldn’t help, but I’m out of ideas… :frowning:

You were correct with turning 'Stimulate Physics to False," but the ‘Collision preset’ needed to be “Ignore only Pawn” for this to work.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Glad it works!