Spawn Emitter Attached Not Updating Location

Here I have a Multicasted Niagara System using a mesh render and the component attached is the mesh. The mesh has a “Particle Socket” in the center as the designated target for this system. I can’t seem to plug anything into the location that allows the particle to update properly. Changing “keep relative offset” to “keep world position” has the system not appearing on my character at all.

This is what the position should always be, but, if the player is jumping, falling, or moving, the particle isn’t updating.

I’ve had that problem before… The SpawnSystemAttached function is working properly; the emitter is updating its location along with the socket. If you want the existing particles to follow the emitter as it moves, you’ll need to enable “Local Space” in your Niagara Emitter. (You may have to adjust some things as this could potentially throw off the rotation or scale.)


Good luck, your project looks nice btw :wink:


you are right! this absolutely did work! and it absolutely destroyed the location and rotation of the particle! I’m going to start tackling that now! Thank you so much!
Update: a quick fix was instead of using a socket assigned to the mesh, I used the capsule component as the component to attach and in conjunction with your tip to use local space it now works perfectly!

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