Spawn Emitter At Location issue

When using SpawnEmitterAtLocation in BP or C++, no emitter is showing up in the scene nor any particle effect is being played.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create an actor BP

  • Add a Timer event with a spawn emitter at location

  • Place it into the world and hit Play

Same procedure is working on 4.17.2

Actor BP is visible? If no mesh, add billboard for debug. If is visible and emiter not - check your Timer code with Print String when it should spawn emiter. It printing something?

Yes BP is visible, same when trying it from c++, and yes the SpawnEmitterAtLocation gets executed and returns the ParticleComponent.

Try different particle, best from starter content, it working always. Maybe particle settings? I’m not sure you are trying it in PIE or simulating, but you can have particles disabled in view too - barely possible but good to check.

And try without timer.

Same procedure is working on 4.17.2 with empty project. This is an engine related issue with 4.18 preview

Interesting, thanks for trying it on your side.
Then there might be an engine setting messing it up here.
Will have to try with an empty 4.18 project and try each setting.

Luckily I have clean project open for other reasons so I can do simple test like this. Var 0 location is on floor, map center in my case (text 3rd example or something). With this code explosion will start on begin play not only ctrl, but this is only to simple change, works anyway.

It working perfect on my side

bang, bang bang…


Need changes ofc, just spawning emitter on timer every 3 secs.