Spawn Decal in spherical radius?

So I’m curious if its possible to get the Spawn Decal to spawn in a spherical radius so that it is applied to walls and ceilings too rather than just falling to the ground? I’ve got a set up where I spawn several blood decals when the enemy dies but they all hit the ground when spawned and if they do happen to hit the walls, they’re stretched and distorted (even though I set the rotation to 22 degrees for every axis).

So with a bit more digging I figured out you can do a multi sphere trace and I’m trying to use that to determine where to spawn the decals. Unfortunately its not working for some reason. Here’s a screen of my setup:

Its successfully doing the sphere trace but its red which I think means its not registering that its hitting anything and therefore its not spawning the decals?

I tried looking for tutorials on how to setup a sphere trace but can’t find anything.