Spawn at same location and orientation when entering a new map

I’m working on an VR experience that shows the archaeological changes of a small landscape. (still on paper at the moment)

I have 8 maps (8 periodes in history), all of them the same size. Connected with a UI that let’s you scroll timeperiodes.
If I walk around on Map 1 and than spawn to map 2 or 3, I would like to be in the same place and orientation.

Does this type of time travel has a name in Unreal and has it’s been documented?

ps: If I’m more comfortable with blueprints and VR I would like to build a solution for when the current spawnlocation is not visible (i.e. water or a building is in that location)

Thanks ahead!

Personally, I would use level streaming and just set the levels in the same position. Then you manually load/unload the one for the correct time period.

If you do things correctly and the character happens to be deep underwater from one map to the next, you should probably just make it float up and have them see it… even if in VR that alone can cause heavy puking :0