Spawn an AI that acts as a player

I’d like to spawn fake players in order to try my team balancing function, does anyone know how to do that ?

I tried spawning wildlife and guards but the team counter device doesn’t update properly and my “PlayerAddedEvent().Subscribe()” function is not called either…

In the " Team Multiplayer Balancing" tutorial they don’t seem to explain how it works, real players are just joining in.

EDIT: I don’t want it the AI to move, I just want to spawn it

EDIT2: Tried to run another instance of fortnite on a cloud computing service but apparently you cannot join someone that’s in a UEFN gamemode, even if the game is started…

In the collaborating In UEFN article, it seems pretty clear that anyone (even if not from the team) can join an UEFN map at any time, as stated :

When the connection is established, friends or colleagues can join the playtesting session from the Fortnite lobby by selecting your name from the social panel on the left, then clicking Join Party > Join . They automatically connect to the live edit session and can make edits to the project from their instance of Fortnite Creative.

But whenever I try to join using my 2nd account I get the following error.

I found a solution for anyone having the same issue.
It allows me to connect another player through another computer. If you have “remote” friends it can work too. Just follow those steps :

  • Create a Team on the creator portal
  • Add your friend / other account to the team (I chose administrator in my case)
  • Restart the session on UEFN, launch Fortnite on the other computer, you should now be able to join the session without getting the error I showed in my previous message.

(also you don’t need to publish your island since you’re not using an island code but joining a friend)

If anyone finds a solution for adding bots that count as a Player I’m still interested.