Spawn Actor wont spawn a Pawn

It is probably something really stupid, however I’m trying to spawn a Pawn that will be possed so I am able to choose between 3 pawns, kind of like a Arrow Highlight. I do happen to make the Clones spawn, however I used the same logic to spawn the Pawn(Arrow Highlighter) to choose the clones but it doesn’t spawn. Here is a look at parts of the code.alt text


Found what was wrong… I was getting this in the output log inside the editor :

LogSpawn:Warning: SpawnActor failed because of collision at the spawn location [X=-665.070 Y=-1132.808 Z=308.402] for [X Class]

LogSpawn:Warning: SpawnActor failed because the spawned actor IsPendingKill

So I’m guessing it was just unable to spawn the pawn due to collision issues. Fixed this by also working with the SpawnCollisionHandlingOverride parameter.