Spawn Actor - Not detecting collision correctly

I have been using Spawn Actor to spawn an actor at a random location inside a set area. All the spawning works fine but they were spawning and overlapping so I decided to use the “Collision Handling Override” on the SpawnActor.

If it is set to “Do Not Spawn” or “Try To Adjust Location, Don’t Spawn If Still Colliding” it just doesn’t spawn any of my actor classes unless I make the area bigger(it does this as if the classes have big collisions, but the meshes I’m using in them only have a small box collider). If I use any of the others it works like normal but obviously they still overlap.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

I have the same issue. My spawned actors doesnt have the same collision as their base blueprint actor.

I dont change collision at all. I only select always spawn.

Must be a bug.

ReckDev, make sure there is enough clearance between the floor and the actor to be spawned, otherwise the two might collide. You can adjust this in the arrow component in your character blueprint.

I also have the same problem.