Spawn a Niagara Effect on a Poseable Mesh

Hello everyone,

I’m currently trying to take a picture of my character at a time T, I didn’t know how to do and a friend told me to use a Poseable Mesh, that it has been created for that.
It works really well! But I’m trying to spawn a Niagara Effect on this Poseable Mesh at this timing but it does not spawn (or if it spawns, I cannot see it).

Here is how I created this:
When clicking on this photographer BP (a Cube in my case), my Third Person Character fires a blueprint which Spawn Actor “BP_Clone”, which is a Character Class, having the same Skeletal Mesh, a Capsule Collision and a Poseable Mesh as child to this Capsule and just after, the node “Spawn System Attached” which I attach the Poseable Mesh of the newly created BP_Clone.
On Event Begin Play of the Clone, I use the node “Copy Pose from Skeletal Mesh Component”, casting to my Third Person Character and the Poseable Mesh.

The Skeletal Mesh to both Third Person Character and BP_Clone is the same and when spawning it on the Third Person Character, it works perfectly.

In my Niagara System, i use the “Initialize Mesh Reproduction” in the Particle Spawn and “Update Mesh Reproduction” in the Particle Update.

Does anyone see the problem, and thus the answer?

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