Sparing some CPU for long operations ?


I understand why some operations must be long, like compiling shaders, cooking, renaming objects and taking care of all the references, etc.

But some of those operations come up very often in my workflow and UE4 is using all the resources it can take.
So very often, my computer freezes and become unusable because i’m loading something, moving/renaming something, etc.
I end up very often having to passively wait during long minutes while UE4 does its stuff because the computer is frozen.

Is there an option somewhere to limit UE4, like never use more than 75% or resources, or only use 3 cpu cores on the 4 available ?
Anything that would prevent those long computing freezes would be appreciated.

I really wouldn’t mind those operations being 25% longer if i could use my computer during the time.


If you’re using windows, you can change the app priority and cpu affinity. Go to the details tab in the task manager and the right click on UE.


You can also use Process Lasso to do it automatically. Very good on high core counts (6+)

Thanks for your replies, i didn’t know that was possible with windows, i’ll give this a try, and i’ll have a look at process lasso, which i didn’t know either.
Thanks !