SpaceArena - Template!

Awesome! I am downloading it to help seed as well.

Edit: There are no seeders. Can someone seed me a copy so I can share it? I can throw a copy on my server for download too if you’d like?

Thanks for helping with the seed. I have all of the project now. I will seed for a while.

that is a very beautiful level

Wow! It look soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome! :smiley:

I decided to make a video just for fun! Even if it took me hours to make it… I like the end result :slight_smile: It’s also my way to advertise your amazing work for releasing such high quality assets for free for the Unreal Engine community! I hope you will enjoy this amateur video :o

Are you planning on giving out some new DL links for this, the old one’s don’t have any seeders.

Could you upload the project somewhere? The download link doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

Sorry but this is only an advertising video, not the project itself.

I’m pretty sure my torrent seed is still running. It says it is. Did you try the torrent link?

you guys do a real good job on this

great stuff! Thanks for your hard works

are you guys planning on updating for 4.11 by chance?

reupload dropbox link please?

HELELO (>^,^)> my name is Snake Plissken, This is my first comment on the unreal engine forums ;). I watched the videos here and i saw some interesting things, i would like to obtain this “SpaceArena - Template!” if its still available. There are a few tricks i saw in these videos of this template that i would love to learn from. i am a beginner and i believe it would be of interest and at the least help me learn. i tryed the dropbox links and they all seem to be down. not working. 404 error and what not. would there by any chance be a way for me to obtain this? hey no worrys if not but thanks for any reply <3 much luv and UE4LIF :slight_smile:

Dose anyone have this link I would really like to have it :slight_smile:

I added more trackers. I received a couple PMs that the link was dead. I think the original trackers were down. If you d/l the torrent, just add these trackers to the list. I received a reply saying uTorrent worked without issues.

link not working? am i too late? :frowning:

the link to the space arena is here this torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1D3CC3CF369A876E2B4B45BD9233FE468D166E34&

just add the trackers above to it after you get the torrent in your torrent client

Trackers are no longer giving anything useful.
1 peer and 1 seed which won’t connect.
Can’t even download the metadata :frowning:

Would be nice to either get some people seeding, or perhaps a new hosted link?

New link please ")

Guys you can download it here - it worked for me - torrent - 4.5MB/s