SpaceArena - Template!

Hi all!

download it from here:…

Used this scene for you Space Shooter, adventure, survival, or as you wish!
Enjoy, it’s absolutely FREE!
3D Models, fx, music, sfx…all what you need.

Created, created,** created, your best UE games!
And Friends, i want to emphasize, all our content, created exclusively for users of the engine Unreal Engine 4.
We do not produce content for another of any store!
We love this Engine, we love this community!**

mmm, also we have added some new items, flying drone and new another module, polish, many materials, Enjoy!

Thanks all, and best regards!

  • DnMan Team.

Hmmm, what is Space Arena?
Look here!

Use this for learning, study, experience…do whatever you want! :rolleyes::p:confused::o

next from our team…

  • audio samples packs “Cosmogonical Adventure”

cosmo, what?

Look at here!

Best Regards!

if you can’t have the level map on start, this is because you are with 4.4 and not yet 4.5. Update to 4.5 preview to have map or wait until 4.5 is online. If you don’t, you can see, at least, all those abfab props.

Hello! Sorry, I do not understand the question, or what was it.

We work with version 4.5preview
As far as I know this is the last build.

Do you have any difficulty with the opening of a level?

For test, at this moment, I deleted the project, downloaded the link and spread it, without any problems, all the content in place, the level opens. All works.

It was not a question ^^ If someone uses 4.4, map will not load. But a 4.5 preview download will make it fine. (some people don’t download previews and wait for release to upgrade) and i more than love this stuff ^^ Thanks to your whole team.

oh sorry me!:rolleyes:

I had somehow skeptical of previews version, but last Friday, i went to EpicGames about 10 crash reports, for two hour :mad:

From monday, we working on the preview version, and yet no one freezes!
I surprised myself!
So while for us 4.5preview - it’s a blessing :o

Link is broken

Hi, this looks like awesome stuff. However, I get an error 404 when trying to download it.

Hi all!
Guys, sorry! Accidentally overwrite a link access, here is a new link, 100% working!

Best Regards!

Cool template, thanks for sharing. No problems running it.

great stuff! Thanks for your hard works

Wait, can we use the assets in our games or is it only for learning purposes. I don’t want to rip you off but some of the architectural stuff could be very useful.

Hi everyone!

Absolutely! All UE4 users, can use all the content!

It is not necessary to us to pay something, all absolutely FREE! Enjoy!:p:rolleyes:;):o

3D Graphics, music, effects, absolutely all! We will be happy,
if you find this content useful for itself!

Learning, improvise, experiment, create commercial projects, there are no restrictions!

After downloading, please read, inside project folder, ReadMe!.txt

this is only the beginning…next it will be more interesting.

Best Regards!

  • DnMan Team:cool:

in next Monday…

We will be create access to our new content.

  • Cosmogonical Music, 71 HQ Samples, fx, music, walking sounds…

We are happy to share it with you!:o

Our team allocates one hour of time in our working day to making a FREE content, which could be used absolutely all users UE4, for your best indie projects!
All content, created only for UE users!**

We love this engine, we love this community!

Best Regards!

The video shows a really good map, nice graphics and more. Currently im using 4.4 so I could not open the file because it is 4.5 beta.

Downloadlink is down… i really want/need this can you upload this masterpiece to another host?

Would LOVE to have a look at this as well, also for checking out how my rig would handle this on a performance level. Sadly the links are down :confused:

I just had a listen to some of these. The quality is very good, I think a few of them may be a good fit for my game.

Generous of you to contribute all this nice work!

This looks amazing! What happened to the download link?

I’m sorry, Dropbox was temporarily blocked my account due to heavy traffic.
Probably need to move with the free model to the premium model well, or find another file sharing…

Best Regards.