Space Game Opinions

I have been in the works of designing a first person RPG taking place in the year 2245. The setting is a series of solar systems controlled by the government of Earth, as well as a few systems not containing colonized planets. You will start on the surface of a planet having only knowledge of our current time, and being thrown into a futuristic society and culture without warning. You take public transports to space stations in orbit where you have the option to rent hangar bay(s) to store a ship(s) that you can purchase/customize with different primary and secondary thrusters, stabilizers, and weapons. The idea is that it will be completely free roaming, you can do anything you really want too. If you want to live in your ship, you can do that, or rent a home in a city on a planet or on board a space station. You can become a pirate and attack civilian cargo ships that are constantly moving between all of the space stations and between planets. Or fight the rebellion on mars. Gain allegiance to one or more of the several factions to complete an undisclosed number of missions in your characters personal quest to make right with his new life. So, being aware of a few of the major technical issues involved with making a game of this complexity, my main question would be, how would you all go about solving many of these obvious issues. How should i set up the first person space travel on your personal ship and also on board public transports you can take between planets before you get a ship. A big part of this game should be the first person space flight from the cockpit of your ship. I would like to implement VR at some point so, smoothness and immersion in the space flight and combat is VERY important. I am not a seasoned game developer yet i am not extremely experienced with unreal engine either, so please take it easy on me. Thanks for any help you can give me, anything short of “not possible” would be a huge help.

That’s a huge amount of work, which would take a large team of experienced developers years to accomplish. Why don’t you try to do something on a smaller scale that you would have a better idea on how to complete?

Mostly because I’m extremely stubborn. I know what your saying, and I appreciate the honesty. I only have a small team of decently inexperienced members. I’ll most likely fight with this game for a few weeks, until I give up. But I intend on trying and learning in the meantime, even if I can’t finish it.

If you actually want to complete this game you need to narrow the scope considerably. 2D would be better. Even then, it’s a large project. Good luck.

Wouldn’t going 2d completely destroy the realism/vr concept? I’m considering doing each individual part in its own game just to get better and focus on learning how to do them. Example do a space combat simulator, then another game for fighting on the surface and such. And so on and so on.

Just compare to other games and consider how much work goes into them. Part of being inexperienced is that you don’t necessarily understand how difficult something is or how much time something will take, for a lot of people they think if they just try hard enough they can do anything, but that’s not true, you’ll hit a wall at some point and if your project is too big then that wall is not having enough time to complete it without a lot of help.

Like the previous posters said, this is an extremely ambitious idea that could take a team of experienced artists and developers years to make. What you are describing is very similar to Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous - two games that both require enormous budgets and timelines.

I really appreciate the honesty from everyone. What would be a good alternative to my concept that I could still use vr and plenty of particles and such. I’m good at coming up with ideas but I never know what people want haha

Maybe a small thing to start off would be to make a spaceship and fly it around, VR wouldn’t be hard to add to that

Sounds good. That would help get some experience as well.