space game help

]I want to make a space atmosphere, but I don’t know how to make cluster with particles system and stars in the background. I would like to know how to make the shapes of the cluster in the particles system just like the these pictures.





It would be nice if some one can tell me what I need to look up or what to study. thank you.

I can’t help with everything, but if you are looking for a tool to create nice “Skyboxes” for a Space themed game, you should check out Spacespace ( ).

It really is a nice tool to create a Space Background from 0 to Awesome, in my opinion.

That seems to be mostly bloom effects in your pictures. However you can apply gravity to particle systems as well as forces. There’s plenty of examples of this in the content examples.

Thanks I check it out and it looks cool but it would be nice to know how to make this with particle system just in case I want to get right up to it. but Ill look more in
to that software. Thanks.

Content examples can you give me full direction to get that? Thanks for your answer.

Yep, there’s a whole showcase map dedicated to particle effects. Enjoy :slight_smile:

But how do I get that showcase and what rout I have to take. Thank you.

Hi Max101,

You can find the effects map in this location: Open Content Examples > Open Map > Effects.umap

You can select the particle system and locate it in the Content Browser. You can then select the Migrate option to move the content to a specified folder or project you would like. Migrate Documentation here.

If you run into any issues or need assistance let us know! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I try but still wont work. is there a site I can go to that shows me what to do step by step.