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Based on [FREE PROJECT] Interstellar Gargantua Black Hole - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums The logo is not exactly perfect (as seen above), and the light can be improved, but got some kind of intro now.

Spider mech prototype…


This looks really interesting. Hoping to see the project evolve further

Small update, just some atmosphere, soon more :slight_smile:

Building a SciFi Base atm, and thought to submit the module based system to the market place, please give input if interested.

Big Borg container with 550 triangles and 1100 vertices



I like your sound design! Sounds really sci-fi and misterious

New video of space base…

New, the biosphere facility …

Hi unit23. Curious if you are developing Space Alpha solo and direction are you going? A little more info on the backstory?

Yes solo atm, i do everything alone. Not sure how i can go about building the team, without a budget.

The direction is not yet 100% laid out, but there will be masses of enemies swarming, the player has to shoot his way through.

Backstory, i thought initially about a nuclear holocaust scenario, the astronaut on the orbital spaceship starts the hyperdrive and goes into cryo. When he wakes up he is at this planet, where he finds only creatures and maybe mechs, a hostile environment. Maybe he can jump back into time and save Earth dunno yet:) Story isn’t really an integral part of Space Alpha. But if things progress good, there could be multiplayer and some game dynamics like who can reach level exit first, or last man standing etc.

But maybe it will be different story. Like genetical experiments go wrong, suddenly dinosaurs are back and they are very hungry.

I love ur little spider robot, hope to see more enemies later on.

Sounds like fun. A similar game play to Earth Defense Force Series, but in space? I purchased both EDF 2017 & Insect Armageddon and played both games through twice with my Wife. Wished for a First Person Mode, would play through it again… sigh. Was aiming for a First-Person Swarm Shooter here.

No elaborate story is needed if its all about action. I’m not using much of one in my own game. Just trying to get a feel for what the game is going to be about as its looking interesting thus far. I would vote for a co-op mode at a minimum, nothing fancy, just allow two players to play in the same level together. I don’t think you can go wrong with Dinosaurs or Zombies in a game LOL.

PS: Are you still working on the [SciFi Starter Kit](SciFi Starter Kit)?

I like the idea of a mothership in 2017. But gameplay will have some variations, maybe you need to get keys to open doors and a loot system too. Watched some gameplay of Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, looks like fun but i aim for a bit more realism. But there will be rocket launchers, smart bombs, and huge explosions and such. Even though i plan to make action parts frequent and intense and fast, i also plan to have episodes when the player has to hunt or explore areas, and then suddenly something jumps into the screen. And dinosaurs are just perfect for this.

As someone who avoids singleplayer games for the most part, i can attest you that i try to add at minimum a coop mode. The only reason i do not start out with MP is because i want to get something done with my capabilities and in a meaningful time frame.

The reason for this is simple, those creatures with realistic models can be obtained rather cheaply. Currently rigging a dino, looks like Jurassic Park and was free.

Yes, i still plan to release a pack, and most of my time went into building it. Got pretty far as of now, missing is texturing and some fine scaling of some of the geometry at least, and adding some features and i’m good to release a small unique Sci-Fi starter pack, including walkable architecture, wand panels, wand textures, basic module system, fences, and some other stuff. Maybe i get this done during April.

More footage form the Space Base, has now some textures, still experimenting with the lights…

New video, now with some combat action!

Space Alpha / Alpha Demo 0.1

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looks really nice :slight_smile:

I just started out using UE so have alot to learn but today there are alot of excellent tutorials out there which I guess wasn’t the case when you started out 6 years ago.

Did you do this all solo?

I am working currently on the level designs, the game is based on the FPS Multiplayer Template Once the next update releases, I start working on the UI, characters, game mechanics and such.