(New Forum Hosting) Old image and video links broken

Older image and video links are broken after the transition to the new hosting provider.

Example Space Alpha - Fast paced Sci-Fi Shooter

How can this be fixed?


I don’t know - by completely ignoring the problem and hoping it all goes away? :stuck_out_tongue:
Either that or hoping the people reporting bugs like this go away even quicker. :grin:
BTW: If you’re hoping for a reply without even pinging Epic good luck with that. :wink:

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Editing affected posts slightly fixes broken links.

Interesting… Can you say more or give an example dude?
As no one from Epic seems to be doing anything about it.

Editing the post, adding a spacing or a word, fixes it.

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Did they do away with the embed picture / video link buttons? That was a useful feature. :thinking:

Lets bump it! :slight_smile:
Same for this post Hide Mouse - Widget Confusion

Well at least we all have a pretty forum, with lots of broken video and images, but its all pretty and that’s what count.

Btw how we can ping someone from Epic to check this out?

They know:

There’s plenty of broken stuff.

You can always start a new thread regarding that very old question / answer of mine. Although I’d still answer it the same way. It would help tremendously if the images were actually showing, though!

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Wow, fast reply <3

Thanks a lot @Everynone , I just opened a new thread about the cursor/widget thing :slight_smile:

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