Source radius or equivalent for stationary lights ?

It would be really useful to have soft shadows from stationary lights like you can by using the source radius parameter for static lights ?

Are there any plans for this ?

If both types of lights are simply baking shadow maps using lightmass I can’t really understand why one supports the function and the other one doesn’t.

Regards Andy

Yes, you can. You have to use Distance Field shadows

Thanks darthviper107, I am plying with those at the moment and I am very impressed with the results.

However I have some objects not casting shadows, I think its because the object has been scaled (uniformly), could someone confirm this is the case ?

Also can you use distance field shadows along side lightmass lightmas / light maps ? Or would it start looking weird ?

You might have to increase the resolution for the meshes that aren’t casting shadows, the setting is in the Static Mesh editor
Make sure to go over the documentation:
I think you can still use it with lightmass.

is it possible to do this on a Mac or is distance field shadows only on PC?