Source code Training: Extending the Editor

Hi, I am trying to find the source code related to the twitch presentation “Extending the Editor”. I saw a comment on youtube it is in the Github source code under plugin’s, but i can’t find it.

Can anyone give me a pointer here, i would really like to do something like this.

anyone who knows this?

I think it was me that said that to you ;] There no code from that tutorial, by that i meant that you can find many other examples in Plugin directory, that may help you out:

also new Plugin wizard (which is also plugin you need to enable) have templates that can help you out to start

Thanks, i already started looking at examples in the unreal source code, but those are much larger and i noticed the implementation is far from consistent across the unreal code. I got a new tab that is spawned when clicking. Now i need to work on customizing the widget itself :slight_smile: