Source code structure (public/private)

So i saw in the example projects that they are divided in public and private catalogues and adding the code option makes it possible to select if i want public or private.
But i can’t select that option. So do i have to set the catalogues on my own? Or there is some kind of option that i haven’t noticed?

Those folders are optional - if your project doesn’t use them, then the UHT just assumes that everything is public.

Is this an older project? The templates were changed (I think for 4.4) to use the same Public/Private folder layout that the samples do - either way, you can just add them yourself and then re-organise your source code into them.

Blank code doesnt use that apparently :expressionless:

So im supposed to create the folders myself and unreal with visual will detect them?

Ah, yeah, we still have a bug open about updating the blank code project (it’s not created from a template).

If you add the folders yourself, and then re-generate your Visual Studio solution (right click on your .uproject file), everything should be fine.

ok, thank you very much for your time